Hi! My name is Ryad Where would you like to go?
Taxi driving


Island Day Trip

My paradise island has many beautiful sights to see and I know all of them. Let me take you for a tour and show them to you.

South Island   3.500,00 MRS North/East/West   5.500,00 MRS Water, boat and island.

Airport to Hotel Transfers

You are arriving in Mauritius? Let me greet you at the airport and take you wherever it is you need to go.

Southbound   2.000,00 MRS North/East/West   2.400,00 MRS Hotel

Hotel to Airport

I hope you enjoyed your time in Mauritius? Let me make you departure easier, I will deliver you at the airport from any destination on the island.

From the south   2.000,00 MRS North/East/West   2.400,00 MRS Ryad in front of his Taxi.

Shopping Trip

Looking for a special gift to bring back to friends and family? I will be happy to take you to some of our Tax-free shopping locations.

Price upon request View from deck over water.

Golf Shuttle

You wish to play some different courses during your stay? We currently have 10 golf courses in Mauritius. Feel free to contact me for further information.

Price upon request A golf course

Special Excursions

Mauritius has a lot to offer. Swimming with dolphins, walking with lions, Catamaran sailing trips, to name a few. I will gladly help you with a special excursion.

Price upon request Beach with tent and chairs.